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At the Vet

Surgery Related Inquiries

What time do I bring my pet in the day of their surgery?

Please refer to the Resources page on our website for more details on surgery drop-off.

Should my pet be in a carrier when I bring them in?

We ask that all dogs be on leash, and all cats be secured in a carrier. Small dogs may be in carriers if that is preferred.

How long will my pet be at the clinic for their surgery?

Your pet will stay at the clinic to recover from their surgery. Once the surgery is completed, you will receive a call from our Technician, and at that time a specific pick up time will be arranged.

The surgery site is red and swollen, what should I do?

Please call the clinic, and one of our staff members will help you.

When can I book my pet in for their surgery?

It is mandatory for your pet to have a pre-surgical consult with one of our Veterinarians before we can book you in for surgery. Please call the clinic to get booked in, and if you are a new client, fill out our New Client Form and bring it with you. 

How much will my pets spay/neuter cost?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide estimates without having seen the pet for a pre-surgical consult. Please call our clinic and one of our staff will be happy to get you booked in.

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Appointment Related Inquiries

My pet is having diahrrea/vomiting, what should I do?

If it's related to your pets post-surgical recovery or vaccines, please call the clinic and a staff member will help you.

**Please note** If your pet is experiencing extreme symptoms (vomiting, diahrrea, inappetance, etc.) not related to their post-surgical recovery or vaccines, you will be referred to the nearest clinic/emergency hospital.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

Unfortunately, we operate on scheduled appointments only. Please call ahead of time so that we can schedule your pet in.

How long are the appointments?

For Annual Wellness Exams, vaccines and pre-surgical consults, you will be booked for a 15 minute appointment with the Vet.

For first time meet-and-greets, you will be booked for a 30 minute appointment with the Vet.

For pre-anesthetic blood work, you will be booked for a 15 minute appointment with the Technician.

Can we see the same Veterinarian?

If you would like to see the same Veterinarian, please specify which Vet when you book the appointment. Our staff will do our best to accommodate, but can't always guarantee. 

Do you accept new clients?

We are always accepting new clients!

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans. 


Do you carry my pets prescription diet?

Our in-clinic food stock is focused on happy/healthy diets, but we can special order a specific diet in. Please make sure you call ahead so we have time to get it in.

When should I call to order my food?

Our clinic places orders on Mondays and Wednesdays, so please call to place any orders on those days for the quickest turn-around. 

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